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No Cookie Cutter Treatment for Dry Eyes- Pt. I

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Dry Eyes can be an exceedingly uncomfortable condition that can seriously affect the way you go about and enjoy your day. Concerning treatment of this uncomfortable condition, Dr. Yoongie Min of Northwest Vision Center in Columbus, Ohio comments, “Many people know about eye drops and artificial tears as the primary and most well known treatments for dry eyes. Despite the fact that these are often quite effective, there is no single, cookie cutter solution to all forms of dry eyes and there are many other treatment options and lifestyle and diet changes that, for some people, may serve as an even more effective treatment for their dry eyes.” In this first of two blog articles we will discuss treatment options you're doctor is able to perform in his or her office to help relieve your dry eye symptoms.

clipart 043In some cases, dry eyes may be only a symptom of a larger cause. Some medications cause dry eyes, and in cases in which a person is suffering dry eyes from such medications, it may be possible for the doctor to prescribe an alternate medication which does not have such side effects. In other cases, autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or Sjorgen's syndrome may cause Dry Eyes to occur. In cases such as these, treating the larger cause, rather than taking recourse to traditional eye drops and artificial tears, can significantly reduce the occurrence of dry eyes or even eliminate it completely.

If there is no underlying condition to treat, then other methods may be employed to treat your Dry Eyes directly. One treatment involves the closing or downsizing of your tear ducts. This can be a accomplished in a number of ways, either through specialized plugs that are meant to be placed in the duct and can be removed or left in, or via a more permanent solutions such as thermal cautery, in which the eye is numbed, and the tear is burned with a hot wire, causing it to scar and be reduced in size. The purpose of blocking or downsizing the tear ducts is to reduce the outflow of tears from the eye, keeping the tears on the eye longer and hydrating your eyes more effectively.

Alternatively, the eye may be covered by a special contact lens, called a “bandage lens” or “corneal shield,” that is meant to hydrate the eye by trapping moisture close to the eye in order to hydrate the eye more effectively.

Your eye doctor may also provide you with an option known as Lipiflow. This procedure involves a machine which fits over the eye and delivers a warm massage to the lower eyelid, freeing up oils that may have become trapped in the glands, and help keep tears from evaporating too quickly. The procedure is very comfortable and convenient, taking less than 15 minutes and delivering results within only a few days.

In our next entry, we will discuss how you can prevent dry eye symptoms through Lifestyle and Diet.

For more information about dry eye solutions, contact Dr. Min today.