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Dr. Min on Purchasing Eyewear Online

Dr. Min has seen many instances of patients purchasing eyewear online, and will explain some of the issues he has seen with some of these purchases.

First of all I want to say that our patients are free to purchase their eyewear wherever they would like. They can do it in our office, they can do it in a retail optical store, and they can try to do it on the internet. One problem with the internet, that I don’t think people are aware of, is that glasses require many complexities, and different measurements are taken to provide a quality pair of lenses to fulfill someone’s prescription. Internet sites are often anonymous; you don’t know where they are located or the quality of the lenses and the materials being used. In fact, a recent Consumer Reports article reported that over 40% of online eyewear is actually made incorrectly. The other issue is finding frames to fit a person’s face. This can be difficult sometimes even in our office. Many times people try on 30, 40 or even 50 frames to find one that fits properly. So I think it’s very difficult to order frames and lenses sight-unseen from the internet. Another issue is, what if you have problems with this eyewear? How are you going to resolve those issues? in our office if you have a problem with eyewear that we have provided you can come in and have our opticians troubleshoot those problems. We can re-check measurements and we can recheck your prescription. With online eyewear a lot of that care and problem solving goes out the window.