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Interview with Dr. Sims about Digital Retinal Imaging

Dr. Sims in your office you have a lot of technology especially imaging and retinal equipment that scans the back of the eye. Can you tell me why that is so important to do that and why so many of your patients elect to do so?

That’s a great question. When we are able to take retinal scans and retinal photos in the office, we have a baseline to compare to in the future. With traditional medical searches of the retina we were able describe what we saw in our charts. We could take measurements and we could describe it, but with our retinal scans we can now pull up the scans from one day to the next year, look at them, and compare them side by side. Having these records helps us to pick up on subtle changes that may occur in the eyes. This also helps us to find things that we may not have been able to pick up otherwise. Retinal scans have also gotten so sophisticated that we can now look at the layers underneath the surface of the eye, which we couldn’t see without this technology. This helps us to pick up on things like glaucoma, and macular degeneration, much earlier than we could before, and gives us something to compare directly rather than just relying on our description from year to year.

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