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Dry Eye Hacks

female eye closeup digitalA lot of people experience dry eye on a daily basis. It is often caused by weather or allergies or contact lens wearing. Whatever the cause, suffering from the effects of dry, burning itchy, eyes can greatly affect your day.

Here are some ways to deal with chronic dry eye

1) Artificial Tears

Like the name says artificial tears act exactly as your real tears but in a drop form. Artificial tears are used to lubricate eyes and maintain moisture on the outer surface of your eyes

2) Blink more frequently

That is right. A simple hack to deal with dry eyes is more frequent blinking. Often when we stare at an object for a long time, we forget to blink. Not blinking can cause redness irritation and dry eyes. Reminding yourself to blink more frequently

3) Wear less eye make-up

Eyeliner and mascara can clog up the glands in your eyelid that create the moisture that keeps the eyes from drying out. If your experiencing dry, burning or gritty eyes, make sure you thoroughly wash the makeup from your eyes at night.

4) Fish oil and Omega 3 fatty acids

Studies suggest that fish oil and Improved function of those glands can ease dry eye symptoms

Most importantly though, if you are really suffering with Dry Eyes, make an appointment to come see your eye doctor. Northwest Vision Dry Eye Center has many ways to help relieve these symptoms. Reach out to us today!

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